Busduct is a rational feeder system for electrical power distribution, enabling space reduction as well as total cost reduction.

1. H-P Low Voltage Busduct

The H-P busduct consists of insulation sheathed conductors of aluminum or copper accommodated in an enclosure made of steel sheet, and a variety of shaped units including straight sections and bends are jointed together to construct a power distribution feeder system. The system has been used mainly for lighting and power trunk lines in buildings and factories, while a wide range of applications has developed such as high-rise condominiums, research facilities and large-scaled shopping centers


  • Compact and lightweight due to the closely packed sheathed conductors. H-P 2 with a more compact structure has entered into the product lineup.
  • Easy installation, maintenance and routine checking.
  • Foolproof jointing mechanism.
  • Small voltage drop.
  • Large allowable short-circuit current.
  • Bonding wire-less grounding; the enclosure is grounded of itself by attaching the joint cover.

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2. K-B Type High-Voltage Bus Duct

This is an air-insulated high-voltage feeder system comprising copper or aluminum plate conductors –called bus bar– supported by insulators, which is covered by a steel or aluminum casing. A lightweight, compact sized new product called nonsegregated phase bus type has been developed, in which conductors for three phases are accommodated in block in a casing, and no bulkhead is provided between the phases.

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