Fiber optic connectors are used to link optical fibers with peripheral equipment and other components in the optical circuit. Furukawa’s line of FITEL connectors include low-loss single and multi-mode quartz fibers suited to long distance transmission, as well as plastic clad fiber.

Features & Benefits

  • Push-on / Pull-off latching connector
  • Easy connection and disconnection
  • No need for matching material : Fiber protrusion
  • Low Insertion loss & Reflection
  • Simple & Low cost
  • IEC61754-7, TIA FOCIS5/605-4


  • Patch cord : Bare fiber ribbon type and Ruggedized type
  • Fan-out cord with single fiber connectors
  • MPO connector kit



MT ferrules can be used in various industry standard connectors such as the MPO connector etc. Direct connection between MT ferrules and MT ferrules are also available with our MT clips. MT ferrules are available in various fiber counts and can be custom made to our customer’s specifications. MT ferrules are available in SM (Single-mode), SMLL (Single-mode Low Loss), and MM (Mult-mode).

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