Fire Prevention Products

ROKUMARU is a highly flexible fire resistant block filled into walls or floor holes through which cables are installed. If fire occurs this stops flames from spreading.

Features of Fire-Resistant Blockwork ROKUMARU

  1. Ease of disassembly and restoration
    For cable replacement, wiring work can be carried out simply by removing the blocks. To restore, just refill the blocks.
  2. Materials are reusable
    The blocks removed in disassembly can be reused in restoration work.
  3. Power working tools unnecessary
    No power tools, expertise and working techniques are needed since ROKUMARU basically consists of laying fire-resistant blocks.
  4. Dust and unwanted sound not generated
    Even in partial renewal of buildings in use, ROKUMARU offers construction work that considers marginal environment and workers.
  5. Minimized remaining and end materials
    Waste such as end and remaining materials are minimized enabling reduction of disposal cost, in consideration of the environment.
  6. Simple cleanup work
    Cleanup work after installation is easy since transportation of heavy machinery is not needed along with cleanup of dust and remaining materials.

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