At Furukawa Electric, over twenty years of experience in the manufacture of heat pipes, heat exchangers and floor heating systems has been channeled into the development of many new, innovative heat transfer and cooling products. By combining our knowledge of high voltage wiring and installation techniques with our expertise in manufacturing with a variety of materials, including aluminum and copper, Furukawa Electric can provide the perfect solution for your cooling or heat dispersal needs.

Micro Heat Pipe Heat Sinks

Furukawa Electric has developed a new high quality heat sink with built-in micro heat pipes that surpasses conventional cooling technologies for use in high-density, miniaturized components. The performance of these micro heat pipes is so outstanding that new applications are continually being discovered.

High Performance Thermally Conductive Adhesive Sheet – Efco TM sheet

Furukawa Electric’s Efco high performance thermally conductive adhesive sheet is composed of an aluminum film compounded with thermally conductive material, coated with adhesive on both sides. When the adhesive backing is removed, the sheet can be tightly molded onto the desired surface by manual application. Furukawa Electric’s Efco sheets are ideal for use in micro devices and power devices to increase thermal conductivity between heat sinks and other surfaces.

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