Business Scope: Pump Laser, DFB Laser, Raman Amplifiers, EDFA, Optical Active Component and Passive Componenet, Optical connector, Fusion Splicer, Cable, Communication Cable, Volume Line, Three insulated wire, Copper wire, Copper, Precision electroplating product etc.


Pump Laser Diode ModulesPassive ComponentsOptical ConnectorFusion SplicerFusion Splicer Accessories and Consumables
Electrical Appliance WireMagnet WireHeat Diffusion and Cooling ProductsPower CableBusduct
MCPETF-CO TM Sheet (Siloxane-Free Heat-Transfer Medium)Dry KeeperGreen TroughWater Pipes
Fire Prevention ProductsCopper Rod and Copper AlloyCopper StripOptical TV Camera Cable

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